Divorce and Dissolution of civil partnership

We understand that a separation is a stressful and difficult time. Emotions can run high, especially if children are involved. The separation process will never be painless but our expert family solicitors will not only give you legal advice, but we will handle your case with sensitivity as well as supporting you through the process.

We can advise you on your options, divorce, dissolution of a civil partnership, judicial separation and deed of separation.

We keep you fully informed of the progress of your case.

Initial 30 minutes consultation free of charge

It’s a good idea to take legal advice as soon as possible in the event of relationship problems. To help you clearly understand your legal position book a telephone appointment with an expert family solicitor. You will receive comprehensive advice, we will discuss all your options with you, answer your questions, as well as advising you on costs so that you can make an informed decision as to how you wish to proceed.

The initial 30-minute consultation is free of charge. If you want help or advice, please contact us on 01625 837 937 to arrange your appointment with one of our specialist solicitors.


Poynton Law Ltd offer Fixed fee Divorce & Dissolution of Civil partnership for £480 plus VAT.

Our expert Family team will advise you step by step through the divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership for a fixed fee in uncontested proceedings, where a spouse does not ’defend’ the proceedings.

If you are the Petitioner (the party who commences proceedings) we will charge a fixed fee of £480 plus vat plus court issue fee.

If you are the Respondent, we will charge a fixed fee of £300 plus vat.

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The financial issues arising from a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership can leave you feeling uncertain and with lots of questions. Such as what will happen to the family home? Where will I live? Will I receive a share of my spouses’ pension?

At Poynton Law we are experts in representing clients from all walks of life, dealing with complex property issues, businesses, pensions, savings and investments.

We will advise you on your options as to how to reach a fair settlement. You may wish to attend family mediation, or you and your spouse may reach a financial settlement between yourselves. Alternatively, we can negotiate a settlement on your behalf after we have established the financial circumstances of each party including assets, liabilities, income and pensions.

However an agreement is reached it is vital that the terms of that agreement are recorded in a Consent Order, which must be approved by the Court. The Court is not there simply to rubber stamp the consent order. The role of the court is to ensure that the agreement is fair and reasonable taking into account all the circumstances of your case. It is only once the Consent Order has been approved by the court that it is final and binding on the parties.

If the terms of your financial settlement are not recorded in a Consent Order, it is open to either party to make a financial claim against the other, even once your decree absolute of divorce is pronounced, which dissolves a marriage.

It is a common misconception that if parties reach a financial agreement or there are no assets in the marriage that a Court Order is not required. It is necessary in order to protect your assets from claims in the future.

If an agreement cannot be reached either party can commence financial remedy proceedings. We will advise you and guide you through each step of the process. We provide a commercial approach with the aim of keeping costs proportionate to your case.